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The Animaniacs Are Totally Insaney and Never Mansplainy in Their Reboot Trailer

To quote the eternally wise Yakko in the new Animaniacs trailer, “Reboots are symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood.” That is until Hulu wants to give you a two-season deal worth millions of dollars. You really should see their new contracts. And sledgehammers! And red noses! Along with Wakko, Dot, Pinky, and the Brain, our Animaniacs crew (with its original voice actors in tow) is back and enjoying its typical nonsense in its water tower. Mostly, though, it’s just nice to know that the Brain keeps trying and failing to take over the world, even amid a pandemic. All 13 new episodes will premiere on November 20. It’ll be zany to the max.

The Animaniacs Are Totally Insaney in Their Reboot Trailer