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Baroness von Sketch Show Promotes Eating Pie in a Witch Costume

If there’s any secret to enjoying life as it exists right now, it’s this: You can kind of do anything you want. Cut your own hair? Sure. Get a massive, Ben Affleck–style back tattoo? Why not? Eat pie for every meal and wear a witch costume around your house while playing Ghosts of Tsushima on PS4? Sounds swell. To be honest, I was kind of running out of ideas until Baroness von Sketch Show’s Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen put that last one into my head. The two reconnected in quarantine on our Instagram Live show Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, and they were full of interesting fall quarantine ideas.

It may be the final season of Baroness, but that doesn’t mean these women can’t still make major contributions to how we live our lives. For instance, Whalen has been playing Ghosts of Tsushima and plans to spend Halloween hanging around her house dressed as a witch and surrounded by recyclable dollar-store decorations, and Browne has been eating pie a lot. None of these are bad ideas, and, in fact, a good argument can be made for combining them into one big, glorious Halloween solo celebration. So thank you, ladies, for sorting my weekend the hell out.

If you enjoyed this episode (which does end on kind of a mind-blowing philosophical question), follow Vulture on Instagram for more, and join us next week on October 20, when Arden Myrin and Lauren Lapkus will be hanging out. Bring pie!

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Baroness von Sketch Show Is Pro–Eating Pie in a Witch Outfit