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So, How Did Jess and Rob’s Trip to Bali After Below Deck Med Go?

The finale of Below Deck Mediterranean season five ended with one last surprise when a card told viewers that third stew Jess More and deckhand Rob Westergaard went on their trip to Bali after all. After Westergaard changed plans in the middle of the season to join his new girlfriend More on her trip to Bali, he considered backing out as he began to fight with More. The day the season ended, he told More he was staying on the boat while it traveled to the Bahamas, before she pleaded with him to change his mind and he joined her to Bali instead. As if we need to tell you, More and Westergaard didn’t make it, and on Watch What Happens Live on October 12, More shed some light on their Bali trip. Most importantly, she told Andy Cohen she regretted it. “That’s a trip I had been looking forward to forever, [and] it didn’t go well,” she said. So why did she go? “I think I was stuck on wanting what we had in the beginning, and I should’ve just accepted that it wasn’t going to be that again,” More said. And walking off the boat together didn’t even seal the deal, she said, adding, “He tried to back out again once we left the boat and we were on the way to the airport.”

As for More’s doomed-to-fail relationship with Westergaard, she didn’t give many more details past the Bali trip, at one point saying, “It just was toxic, and yeah.” She told Cohen the last time they talked was when they broke up in February, until Cohen reminded her that they would’ve then spoken afterward at the reunion. Meaning two things: (1) We’re in for more of this mess at next week’s reunion, and (2) these two somehow lasted through February? As for how things ended, More was a little cryptic, telling Cohen, “His M.O., apparently, is ghosting.”

Let’s chase that news with a good Below Deck Med relationship update. Chief stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake also joined Watch What Happens Live, and gave an update on her sweet fling with deckhand Alex Radcliffe, after the two recently met up. “With regards to Alex and I, we are both obviously working on opposite ends of the world,” she said. “But we met up, feelings came back, and we’re kind of just seeing where to from here. We’re really good friends, but yeah, we’ll see.” We’ll take it!

How Did Jess and Rob’s Bali Trip After Below Deck Med Go?