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The Below Deck Med Reunion Finally Gave Hannah a Chance to Defend Herself

Photo: YouTube

For those of us with the willpower to keep watching this cursed season of Below Deck Mediterranean after the finale, the first part of the reunion on Watch What Happens Live featured the return of former chief stew Hannah Ferrier. Ferrier’s firing, for having undeclared Valium and CBD onboard, was the bombshell in a season of bombshells, bumping Christine “Bugsy” Drake up to chief stew and marking the end for a cast member who’d been with Med from the start. The reunion marked Ferrier’s first chance to defend herself to her former crew members, some of whom had already wasted no time going on WWHL to shit-talk her.

The biggest argument of the night happened between Ferrier and Yawn over those changed cabin arrangements, when Ferrier wouldn’t let White room with her boyfriend, Tom Checketts, after he came aboard as chef in the middle of the season. When host Andy Cohen asked Yawn why she didn’t go to Ferrier to talk about cabins before announcing over the radio that White could room with Checketts, Yawn insisted it was the first officer’s job to make room assignments. “Did you not put me in charge of room assignments?” Ferrier asked. After Yawn repeated herself, Ferrier said, “You put me in charge of room assignments.” Yawn replied, “Do you have a problem with Bugsy?” Ferrier reminded Yawn that she and Drake, who previously argued in season two, both agreed they shouldn’t be roommates. “I think that it would be respectful for you to call me and have a conversation about it,” Ferrier said. “That would be something that would be normal if you had any sort of respect.” Yawn stopped arguing, then Cohen asked who would act as the first officer on her boat, which doesn’t have the role. She said the role would go to White, but that she stepped in to stop her crew from fighting. Then White chimed in to defend Yawn, saying, “If anyone wants to take a side of like, ‘In yachting, this is what happens,’ there’s no clear-cut answer.”

Throughout the night, Ferrier also faced accusations that she didn’t want to be working on the yacht this season. At first, she explained, “I like what I do, I go there to earn money, and want to make sure the guests have the best holiday possible. I just don’t want to be doing it when I’m 40.” Later, she added that former second stew Lara Flumiani’s dramatic departure contributed. “[It] just made me go, You know what, you’re probably not wanting to do yachting anymore,” Ferrier said.

Yawn at one point accused Ferrier of not coming to her with problems like Flumiani’s behavior, saying, “Malia talked to me. Hannah really didn’t ever do that. She would come to me and just give me like three sentences.” Ferrier went on to claim that Yawn played favorites with crew members like White, and that she joined season two with preconceptions about Ferrier from season one. “Within about a minute of meeting Sandy, she already started talking to me about a scene that had happened in the first season,” Ferrier said, referring to a moment when she forgot a meal’s description. “Well, it looked terrible,” Yawn said, before adding, “I haven’t thought about that first scene for years, and every time Hannah and I show up on a boat, we reset.” Ferrier went on to say she thought her plans to eventually leave yachting bothered Yawn. Yawn tried to dismiss this, but eventually added, “When you have people who are there just for a paycheck, eh, they’re there for a paycheck.” When Cohen called Yawn out on the comment, she replied, “I wouldn’t use the word annoy. I can’t explain it; it’s not personal. It’s professional.” The two went on to spar about Yawn’s support for former chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran, whom she fired midway through the season.

The first part of the reunion ended with just a flick at Ferrier’s firing. White claimed she still would’ve reported Ferrier even if she’d agreed to the cabin assignments, and Ferrier admitted “it was a mistake” to not log the medications. Yawn claimed, “People cannot be on Valium and work on a vessel,” and that she didn’t trust Ferrier. She then asked, “So you didn’t trust me because I had medication, or what?” Yawn replied, “I didn’t trust you because you lie.” Shortly after, Cohen added that Ferrier’s CBD pen was actually a THC pen, according to the manufacturer, raising questions of Ferrier’s trustworthiness. And he left us at that until part two of the reunion, leaving us strung along with this season of television for yet another week.

Hannah Got to Defend Herself on the Below Deck Med Reunion