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Saturday Night Live Introduces ‘Real Bostonians’ to Sam Adams’ Seasonal Pumpkin Ale

You can drive a performer up from New York and throw a peacoat on them, but not a real Bostonian does that make. In this week’s commercial parody, Saturday Night Live pokes fun at the inescapable pumpkin spice pall descending, as it does each autumn, on every industry that can reasonably pumpkin-ify their product. And while the ad’s hired actor and actresses can put on a straight face when sipping Sam Adams Jack-O-Pumpkin Boston Ale, host Bill Burr’s Southie shopper isn’t going to lie to you: it’s not good. He’ll still drink, like, four, but it’s not good.

“This is the kind of beer somebody brings to a party at your house, and then it just sits in the fridge for, like, eight months, and then one day your buddy comes over, and he’s like, ‘Hey, you got a beer?,’” Burr’s Boston resident muses. “And I’m like, ‘Well, I’ve got this pumpkin shit?’ So you drink it, and it gets you buzzed.” According to the sketch, Sam Adams Jack-O-Pumpkin Boston Ale is also a great beer to get you ready to fight your adult son in the chip aisle of your grocery store, but then again, what beer isn’t?

SNL Introduces ‘Real Bostonians’ to Sam Adams’ Pumpkin Ale