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Bill Maher Dissects the Hypocrisy of President Trump’s Coronavirus Treatment

Bill Maher was on a Real Time hiatus last week when President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis became breaking news and a source of international ridicule, so he started the clock on a scathing monologue upon his return to the studio. Instead of focusing on the schadenfreude of Trump’s positive test, though, Maher focused on another aspect of the diagnosis: Trump’s very, very good health care, which is afforded to him as president. “I’m telling you, this getting COVID thing, it’s not good for him,” Maher explained. “The way he handled it, I think the final blow is that we’ve seen that he gets treatment we would never get. He’s out after everything bragging, ‘Oh, I beat it.’ Yeah, with a team of doctors and experimental drugs. When Trump gets sick he goes to Walter Reed. The average American goes to Duane Reade.”

“He’s literally infected others,” Maher continued, stating that, as of Friday evening, 34 people have been infected in the White House. “This fucking country is so fucking dense that they only could get it through their head that he’s a bad guy when he personally is killing other people. USA Today says he and his entourage have infected or exposed at least 6,000 people in five states, beating the old record set by Mötley Crüe.” (Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx both loved the joke.) Maher added, as a kicker: “When the helicopter lands on the lawn now they’re playing the theme from M.A.S.H.”

Bill Maher Dissects the Hypocrisy of Trump’s COVID Treatment