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Billie Eilish Performs Her Bond Song Under a Spooky Chandelier

There’s never a good time to die or watch Billie Eilish do a live performance of her titular James Bond song, but here we are, so let’s just enjoy a few nice moments together before refreshing Twitter until our index fingers hurt. Appearing with her brother, Finneas, on Monday’s The Tonight Show, the duo performed “No Time to Die” live in a hauntingly beautiful ballroom, and also gave Jimmy Fallon some intel on how they created the song. (Meanwhile, Daniel Craig showed up later in the show to assure fans that the film will be now released “the safe way” in April 2021.) “It was very insane to us,” Eilish explained in her accompanying interview. “It was a couple months of disbelief. We were stuck the first few days we started working on it. There’s a lot of pressure, it’s a fucking Bond song.” She also called Hans Zimmer “a doll and such a joy,” which just makes us happy.

Billie Eilish Performs Bond Song Under a Spooky Chandelier