Brad Pitt Is Single and Available to Date Your Wife Once Again

Photo: Kurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images

Are you in an open relationship looking for a third? Well, you should know that Brad Pitt is apparently back on the market, if you’re into that. According to “Page Six,” the 56-year-old Oscar winner has ended his relationship with 27-year-old Nicole Poturalski. Pitt, a perennial tabloid subject, made waves in the celebrity gossip rags this August when it was revealed that he was dating Poturalski, a German model who’s been married to her 68-year-old husband, German restauranteur Roland Mary, for 8 years, naturally. Unfortunately, for Pitt and Poturalski (but, perhaps fortunately for Roland), their May-December romance did not make it to December 2020, as a source told “Page Six” that the pair is “totally over.” However, don’t feel too bad for Pitt or Poturalski as the same source said that their relationship was “never all that serious as it was cracked up to be,” and the two broke up “a while back.” In any case, Pitt is free to go back to doing what he does best: being America’s most-meta movie star and sparking rumors of rekindling things with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston every time they’re in the same room (or even the same Zoom). If you happen to see him on Raya, please go easy on him, he’s been through a lot over the years. Happy swiping.

Brad Pitt Is Single and Available to Date Your Wife