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Channing Tatum Is Developing a SpaceX Miniseries for HBO

It’s Elon Musk. He’s the space guy. Photo: Getty Images

Add another space show to the big pile of space shows. According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO is developing a six-episode limited series called SpaceX, which will adapt the book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance to tell the story of Musk’s side gig launching rockets into the outer atmosphere. Elon Musk himself is not involved with the project, but Channing Tatum, of all people, is. Tatum will act as executive producer of the limited series through his Free Association production company. The description reads:

SpaceX would follow Musk as he pursues his lifelong dream of making humanity a multi-planetary species. To that end, he handpicks a team of engineers to work on a remote Pacific Island where they build, and launch, the first SpaceX rocket into orbit. The company’s first manned mission, the Falcon 9, launched on May 30 and successfully docked at the International Space Station.

Maybe it’ll all be a stealth-prequel to Raised by Wolves! Only history will tell. If Grimes makes the theme song, we’ll watch it.

Channing Tatum Is Developing a SpaceX Miniseries for HBO