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Sure, You’ll Absolutely Listen to Cher Sing a Song About Joe Biden

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Of course you’ll listen to Cher sing a song about Joe Biden. What did you think, that you wouldn’t? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer closed out Sunday’s I Will Vote concert in support of the Democratic presidential hopeful — which featured performances from artists like John Legend, Pink, and Audra Day — with a little ditty called “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe.”

If you’re imagining the singer composed an entirely new song about Joe Biden less than two weeks before the election, well, we wouldn’t put it past her. She did try to volunteer at the post office back in August if they needed an extra set of hands, after all. Instead, Cher made like Elton John altering “Candle in the Wind” and tweaked the lyrics of Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg’s “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe,” written for the 1943 MGM musical Cabin in the Sky.

Sung by Ethel Waters and landing the film a Best Song Oscar nomination, the tune has since been covered by Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bette Midler, among others. And now Cher has covered it, with a shout out to “President Joe” in the lyrics. If there’s an Old Hollywood–obsessed, Cher-loving undecided voter in your life, well, they probably immediately saw this posted in their various Cher fan pages, but if not, go ahead and send it their way.

Of Course You’ll Listen to Cher Sing a Song About Joe Biden