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Chris Rock Knows the Real Reason Why Tiffany Haddish Cut Her Hair

Dave Chappelle welcomed tons of comedians to his live “Chappelle Summer Camp” shows in Yellow Springs, Ohio, over the summer for what we can only assume is some kind of Netflix special or series. The fun unfortunately came to an end last Friday, September 25, when local news reported that all of the upcoming shows had been canceled due to “a possible exposure” of COVID-19 within Chappelle’s “inner circle.” (It’s unclear yet who, or how many people, may have been infected.) Whether or not Chappelle and his team took enough precautions to prevent it is obviously up for debate now, but what’s not up for debate is whether or not they took enough drugs. Sounds like that part was covered well, if Chris Rock’s chat with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show is any indication.

“I was trying to be nice ’cause your show’s on in the daytime, but we do lots of drugs. Not the hard stuff. We’re like before coke. There’s a lot of weed — there’s way more weed than anyone should ever have — and there’s a lot of mushrooms,” Rock told DeGeneres before explaining that Chappelle hired a “weed/mushroom chef” who prepared “amazing meals” with both drugs in them for Chappelle and his guests and crew. Unexpectedly, this led to Rock revealing the real reason, allegedly, that Tiffany Haddish cut off all her hair in July. “Tiffany Haddish drank the mushroom tea and cut her hair the next day,” Rock said with a laugh. “I know she likes to act like, ‘Oooh, Common told me he loved me with no hair.’ No no, it was the mushroom tea talking.” When DeGeneres asked Rock if all of the comedians at the shows were partaking in the tea, he responded with pretty solid advice for anyone looking to give mushroom tea a shot right now: “We’re in a cornfield in a pandemic, what do you got to lose? What are you waiting for?”

Chris Rock Knows the Truth Behind Tiffany Haddish’s Haircut