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Clare Crawley Torches Bachelorette Spoilers, Says It’s ‘False’ She Departs Early

The Bachelorette premiere unabashedly teased the rumored impending switch between Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, given that, on the very first evening, Crawley took one look at contestant Dale Moss and proclaimed to some nearby shrubbery that “it feels like I just met my husband.” (There are also months of spoilers that leaked, too.) But Crawley was all about crisis control on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, insisting that it’s “false” the duo leave early together when they realize the strong extent of their feelings. “It didn’t happen like that,” she explained, only offering that she indeed Googled and “took lots of notes” about Moss prior to their first meeting. “Being able to look him up,” Crawley said, “there’s a lot of good things that aligned with what I’m looking for that he embodied.” We’re assuming she means his face, his smile, his bone structure, and, we guess, his personality.

Clare Crawley Says It’s False She Leaves Bachelorette Early