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Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette Contestants Are Turning Against Her and Dale Moss

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

This week’s Bachelorette episode didn’t give a great edit to Clare Crawley, who, throughout the two hours, made it inherently clear that she had no interest in feeling up any contestant besides Dale Moss — so much so that the show went ahead and spoiled itself, confirming that Tayshia Adams will indeed be replacing her as a new Bachelorette lead. “If some of these guys are picking up on Dale and I’s relationship and the connection him and I have, guess what? It’s because I like him, that’s why,” Crawley, who referred to Moss as her “fiancé” in the episode, explained. “And that’s what I’m here for. That’s the whole point. Are you new here?”

The men, while “new” to the unique experience of being locked in a Palm Springs pleasuredome to compete on a reality show, didn’t take her increasingly obvious slights kindly: It culminated in Crawley refusing to give a rose during her Moss-less group date, during which she made numerous attempts to steer her conversations with the men to get intel about Moss and his chiseled face. (And, during her first group date, Crawley asked a producer to “speed this up” after her bedroom time with Moss ended.) So where does that leave us? Next week’s postelection Bachelorette episode, given what we’ve already seen in the teasers, will likely see Crawley officially depart her La Quinta abode to make way for Adams, although it’s unclear if Moss will also join her. Until then, please enjoy this compendium of irate contestant quotes from Tuesday’s episode, which were flung at Crawley and Moss’s behavior. It seems we’re finally done with “right reasons” jargon.

“People have noticed Dale having a connection with Clare. But today, when he did that, somebody’s gotta call you out.”

“For Clare, it’s truly unfair to go through what we’re doing when she already has eyes on one set person. I don’t agree with it at all. It’s completely disrespectful.”

“What’s the value of anything at this point when she’s already leaning towards Dale?”

“She’s spending so much time with Dale, and I feel like we’re cast to the side for no reason. You can see guys defeated, and it’s disappointing to see peoples’ spirits being beaten down.”

“He thinks he’s better than all of us? Fuck you.”

“What’s one thing that you don’t know about Dale? Nothing, because he doesn’t shut the fuck up.”

“How long do you really think it’s going to take Clare to figure out that you’re here trying to campaign for president and actually have no interest in her?”

“Your speeches make absolutely no sense, no matter how long you continue your run-on sentences. I witnessed three cameramen collapse after falling asleep listening to you.”

“You look like the boa constrictor from The Jungle Book, and it’s only a matter of time before Clare snaps out of your spell.”

“It literally feels like right now she’s only interested in Dale in this whole house — to the point where I’m wasting my time being here. It’s like they’re already dating and we’re all fucking around here.”

“It’s not fair if she’s not giving other people a chance.”

“Clare has a massive crush on Dale and has massive tunnel vision.”

“She doesn’t care about anybody else or giving anybody else a fair shake besides Dale.”

“This process is supposed to be for Clare to find a husband. If she already found it, what are we doing? She’s obviously not giving anyone else a chance anyway.”

“How about we walk out?”

Clare’s Bachelorette Contestants Are Turning Against Her