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Kellyanne Conway Confirms She Has COVID; Her Daughter Announced It on TikTok First

Kellyanne Conway and William Barr talking, maskless, at the White House’s September 26 announcement of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Seeing as how former Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway resigned at the end of August, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to say in regards to her involvement in the Trump administration anymore. And there wouldn’t be, if there wasn’t now a COVID-19 outbreak brewing at the White House, and she wasn’t at Trump’s Supreme Court nominee announcement on September 26, and she didn’t just reveal on Twitter that she, too, has coronavirus.

“Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19,” Conway tweeted Friday evening. “My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians. As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic.”

Of course, if you follow Kellyanne’s teen daughter Claudia Conway on TikTok, you got an early announcement of the former advisor’s coronavirus status, as she scooped her mother’s announcement by about a half hour. “Update my mom has covid,” Claudia Conway wrote on one post. “im furious. Wear your masks. dont listen to our idiot fucking president piece of shit. protect yourself and those around you,” she posted on another.

Earlier in the evening, Claudia Conway was also posting her own suspicions that her mother, like President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, among a growing group of others, had contracted symptomatic coronavirus. “My mom coughing all around the house after trump tested positive for covid,” she captioned one video, which featured audio of Cardi B saying, “That’s suspicious.” In another video, she describes her own symptoms, writing, “when my lungs hurt and its hard for me to breathe,” though in a livestream shortly following mom Kellyanne’s announcement, she says she hasn’t been tested as of yet, but would be tomorrow and is, unfortunately, “pretty sure” she has it.

Update, October 6, at 11 a.m.: Two days after alerting the media to her mom’s COVID-19 diagnosis, Claudia Conway confirmed that she tested positive for the coronavirus. “Hey guys currently dying of covid,” she captioned a black-and-white video of her morphed face on Sunday. In the comments, she wrote, “My mom has no symptoms yet i literally feel like HELL.” In the comments on another, since-deleted TikTok, Claudia wrote that the day her mother announced she tested positive, she “lied” to Claudia and said she tested negative. On Monday night, Claudia posted a series of TikToks of her and her mother arguing. “You have caused so much disruption,” Kellyanne Conway tells Claudia in one of several since-deleted TikToks. “You lied about your fucking mother about COVID? About COVID?” Claudia shared a final video where you can hear her mom saying, “Do it now. Correct them. ‘My mom had three tests.’” The TikTok reads, “Little clarification from my previous posts. My mother claims that she did not lie to me. She had three tests done. First negative. Second two positive. We were not in communication. I misinterpreted it.”

Two hours later, her mother followed it up with a tweet. “My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant,” she wrote. “She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably. Like all of you, she speculates on social media. Yet she’s 15. You are adults. We have COVID, but it’s clear who’s really sick.” Claudia, who had also commented on a TikTok claiming that Donald Trump was not actually “doing better,” has already become the whistle-blower Twitter needed to get through this moment. Or, at least, the one Judd Apatow needs.

Claudia Conway Scoops Mom Kellyanne’s COVID Confirmation