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Clint Eastwood, Nonagenarian Energizer Bunny, Will Cry Macho for His Next Film

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for AFI

What pandemic? What at-risk age groups? Clint Eastwood, the busiest 90 year-old man in show business, is planning to star, direct, and produce a Cry Macho adaptation as his next big screen project. Variety reports that Eastwood has been interested in adapting the 1975 novel, written by N. Richard Nash, for several decades, but only now finding the opportunity to pencil it into his schedule. The premise is classic adventure-drama fodder with a hint of western sprinkled in: Cry Macho revolves around a washed-up horse trainer (portrayed by Eastwood) who “schemes to make $50,000 by snatching a streetwise Mexican boy from his mother in Mexico City and delivering him to his father, and the trainer’s ex-boss, in Texas.” Eastwood, who will make the film for Warner Bros., is currently scouting out potential locations and solidifying casting decisions. His last film, 2019’s bio-drama Richard Jewell, performed well at the box office and had to deal with some … drama.

Clint Eastwood, Energizer Bunny, Will Cry Macho for New Film