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Just Because Issa Can’t Explain Lovecraft Country Doesn’t Mean You Should Skip It in Cut SNL Sketch

There’s a lot going on in your favorite Black space-demon show. In this cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch, Issa Rae’s character tries in vain to explain the basic elements of HBO’s Lovecraft Country to her friends, mainly because, well, they change a lot from episode to episode. (Oh, and, of course, spoiler alert if you genuinely have no idea what the series, based on the 2016 titular novel from author Matt Ruff, is about, and don’t want to find out now.)

“It has race, gender, witches. And aliens! Or maybe they’re monsters?” Rae’s character expounds. “Gender and Afrofuturism, which, you know, is the whole study of black women in space, who time-travel with Afrorobots.” Muses Chris Redd’s confused friend, “I can’t tell if you’ve seen the show … or if you’re just making stuff up?”

Luckily, Kenan Thompson’s character has been drinking allllllll day and has Issa’s back. “Hold up, give it to me one more time. I think I’m about to get it!” he encourages. “That junk is deep!” So go ahead, watch the sketch if you want to get it too, or hold off and catch up on the series before tonight’s Lovecraft Country season finale.

Cut SNL Sketch: Love Lovecraft, Even If You Can’t Explain It