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The Dash & Lily Trailer Is Here to Fill the Peter Kavinsky–Shaped Hole in Your Heart

Possibly taking heed of our guide to setting rom-coms in New York City, the trailer for Netflix’s Dash & Lily features a quirky teen romance that may fill the chasm left in your heart by To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (a chasm that, it turns out, was not filled by that movie’s sequel). Executive produced by Shawn Levy and Josh Barry (of Stranger Things, Unsolved Mysteries, and I Am Not Okay With This), as well as Nick Jonas (!!), Dash & Lily, which is based on the young-adult series of the same name, follows the titular Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis), as they trade messages and dares in a shared diary hidden in the iconic Strand bookstore. The show’s central conflict, insomuch as there is one, seems to be that Dash is a cynic who hates Christmas (“It’s the most detestable time of year”) while Lily is an optimist who might just change his mind (via a holiday-themed scavenger hunt across Manhattan, obviously). Secret diary! Letter writing! The 34th Street Macy’s! It’s the stuff of New York–teen rom-com dreams. Is it cheesy? Yes. Will you watch all of it in one sitting? Most likely.

Dash & Lily Trailer to Fill Rom-com Hole in Your Heart