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David Bowie Is Rolling in His Glittery Grave After Watching the Stardust Trailer

Here’s a good, unbiased barometer to predict the success of a biopic about one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century: If you can’t even secure the music rights to any of his songs, that isn’t a great sign. If his estate is not cooperating, take the damn hint. And yet, somehow, here Stardust is. In the first trailer of this alleged David Bowie movie, Johnny Flynn portrays the space alien during his career lull in the early ’70s, when Bowie heads to America with his “mystical mime act” to win over new fans during a cross-country promotional tour. His new publicist (a wiggy Marc Maron) is also along for the ride, even if he begins having doubts that Bowie can transcend to icon status. Expect some Tumblr-repost quotes such as “there’s no authentic me, it’s just fear” and “a rock star of somebody impersonating a rock star, what’s the difference?” to pop up. Stardust will be released on-demand and in theaters on November 25.

The Stardust Trailer Will Have Bowie Rolling in His Grave