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Please Decipher David Lynch’s Pep Talk for Easter Eggs and Callbacks

David Lynch, a thriving YouTube auteur, has been enjoying his quarantine by frequently posting videos on his page about whatever he feels like — which, admittedly, is about the weather and hot woodworking tips. But buried amid his Los Angeles weather update from September 30, Lynch turned his attention away from musings about the city’s “golden sunshine” and “toasty heat” to give the country an inspired pep talk about, well, whatever you want to think it’s about. That’s the joy of the Lynchian discourse! But we’re gonna go with the impending presidential election. It’s a short message, so take a nice, deep gulp of coffee and soak it all in:

The thorns on the rose bush right now are big. And there are many of them, and they’re sharp. These are the poisonous thorns of negativity. But the rose is so much bigger. It’s huge and beautiful. This is the rose of positivity, this is the rose of our future, and it is huge and it is beautiful. Right now, the thorns of negativity are making their last desperate stand. But soon they’re going to wither and fall away. They’re going to rot and disappear. So don’t despair. Great times are coming for the United States and for the whole world family.

We can’t help think that the Giant would say something equally allegorical.

Decipher David Lynch’s Pep Talk for Easter Eggs, Callbacks