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Dickinson Season Two Teaser: Emily Dickinson, Classic Sagittarius

For centuries, scholars have wondered what exactly made Emily Dickinson retreat from the world later in her life. As it turns out, she was just a classic Sagittarius. Or at least that’s one possible explanation for the great poet’s ambivalence about chasing fame, demonstrated here in the trailer for the second season of Dickinson. The Peabody Award–winning, deliriously anachronistic show for literary weirdos is finally coming back for its second season, and Apple has also announced that Dickinson has gotten renewed for a third season as well.

Hailee Steinfeld is, of course, reprising her role as young, sexy Emily Dickinson alongside the returning cast from season one (including Wiz Khalifa as Death), but there will also be a bunch of newcomers. Those include Ayo Edebiri, seen in the teaser as Hattie (and soon to be the new voice of Missy on Big Mouth), Veep’s Timothy Simons as famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Will Pullen as Nobody (presumably as in the poem), and Nick Kroll as Edgar Allen Poe (obviously). Finn Jones and Pico Alexander, previously announced, are also in the new cast. The second season of Dickinson premieres on January 8, 2021. Just in time for us all to weather a long, cold, spooky New England winter.

Dickinson Season Two Teaser: Emily, Classic Sagittarius