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Christmas on the Square Trailer: Dolly Parton Saves Christmas From Christine Ba-humbug-aranski

Sure, Netflix already put out a trailer for big musical full of movie stars coming out this holiday season today, but does that trailer have Dolly Parton playing an actual literal angel? Then it simply cannot compare. Welcome to Christmas on the Square, which I’m pretty sure someone wrote while doing rails of allspice and watching every single Hallmark movie at once. And just like Dolly, what a blessing this movie appears to be: Christine Baranski plays an evil woman who tries to evict everyone in her town (in song!), Jennifer Lewis is her former best friend who is shocked by this development (in song!), there are various other townspeople who bemoan Christine’s awful business practices (in song!), and America’s calming musical dad Treat Williams shows up at some point (hopefully to do something in song!). Debbie Allen directed Christmas in the Square, which includes lots of dancing and no less than 14 original songs. It’ll premiere on Netflix on November 22.

Watch the Trailer for Dolly Parton’s Netflix Christmas Movie