Fox Sends Kim Cattrall Series Filthy Rich to the TV Afterlife

Photo: FOX/Youtube

And now let us bow our heads in prayer for a fallen network drama. Filthy Rich, which premiered on Fox on September 21, has been canceled after five episodes, Variety reports. The series stars Kim Cattrall as the matriarch of a prominent televangelical family in the South who must grapple with the fallout of her husband’s sudden death, including his three illegitimate children. Filthy Rich is based on a New Zealand series of the same name, which we hear is quite good, but which had no Cattrall to speak of. The U.S. series, on the other hand, was balls-to-the-wall Cattrall. Sources told Variety that “rising production costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant part in the decision” and that the rest of the completed episodes will still air on the network.

In the same story, Variety reports that Fox is also canceling the John Slattery–led science-fiction series NeXt, which had a crew member on the production test positive for the coronavirus back in early March. Fox has only aired two episodes of the series so far, and will air the rest of the completed episodes. Rest in peace, sweet fall television network dramas.

Fox Sends Kim Cattrall Series Filthy Rich to TV Afterlife