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Order Up! Haim Drops Music Video for ‘Man From the Magazine’

Every song on the latest Haim album, Women in Music Pt. III, is tied for first as its best song. (“3AM” gets the special designation of “best to dance to,” and “All That Ever Mattered” gets the special distinction of best-best song.) That said, please enjoy a special visual for “Man From the Magazine,” WIMPIII’s invective against dummy men and their dummy questions. Filmed at Canter’s Deli in Hollywood by Paul Thomas Anderson, the video finds lead singer Danielle Haim singing while packing brisket and other deli meats. “We decided to explore our feelings about [journalists asking what it’s like to be a woman in music] and our experience dealing with some of the fuckery in this industry — specifically being called ‘difficult’ or, more bluntly ‘a cunt’ for sticking up for ourselves, our work, and our vision,” lead singer Danielle Haim wrote on Instagram. “There are many many MANY more verses to this song but the ones that made it onto WIMPIII were the ones that stuck. maybe we’ll release the longer version sometime in the future????”

Haim’s ‘Man From the Magazine’ Video Featuring Deli Meats