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Hillbilly Elegy Trailer: The Real America Is Glenn Close and Amy Adams Shout-Crying

Glenn Close and Amy Adams have 13 Oscar nominations between the two of them, and in this trailer they will not let you forget for one second that neither of them has won yet. The two have teamed up in Ron Howard’s adaptation of J.D. Vance’s best seller Hillbilly Elegy and competed to see who could get the most awards-reel moments into the trailer as possible. The story follows J.D., played by Gabriel Basso, a former U.S. Marine and Yale Law student from southern Ohio who comes home to deal with a family crisis involving his mother, Bev, played by Amy Adams, who is living with addiction. He also has flashbacks to his grandmother, Mamaw, played by Glenn Close. The movie is coming out on Netflix on November 24, and given that so many movies have been delayed this year, it stands a very good chance of picking up some awards. If so, maybe Glenn and Amy will finally get to relax in a movie for once.

Hillbilly Elegy Trailer: Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Big Choices