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You Will Not Stop Giggling at This James Corden–Paul McCartney Parody

One thing we’re not immune to? James Corden getting behind that piano and banging out a parody song. The Late Late Show host opened October 6’s episode with a little performance dedicated to President Donald Trump, who left the hospital the day before after contracting COVID-19. Corden sang “Maybe I’m Immune,” a riff on Paul McCartney’s hit “Maybe I’m Amazed,” inspired by the president’s comments upon leaving the hospital: “Now I’m better, and maybe I’m immune, I don’t know!” Corden opened, “Maybe I’m immune ‘cause today I’m feeling so alive / Just don’t be afraid of the way I’m breathing,” referencing Trump’s struggled breaths when he took his mask off upon returning to the White House. Following references to Trump’s coronavirus experience over the past few days, like his doctors’ evasive press conferences and his drive to wave at supporters, Corden hit his big chorus. “Maybe I’m a man, and maybe I don’t wear a mask ‘cause I don’t care about others,” he sang. “Science, I don’t really understand.” Enjoy the whole thing above, it might be the last time you get to laugh like this before the election.

You Will Not Stop Giggling at Corden’s Paul McCartney Parody