Are You Ready? Jamie Lynn Spears Updated the Zoey 101 Theme Song.

Photo: Katia Temkin

The theme song that had us all wishing our parents would ship us off to boarding school has a second life thanks to the upcoming Zoey 101 reunion. Jamie Lynn Spears, who played the optimistic Zoey Brooks, a newcomer to the fictional Pacific Coast Academy, and sang the theme song “Follow Me,” reimagined it for a new generation (and the old one that’s clinging to youth for fear of the future). The new “Follow Me,” produced by Chantel Jeffries, has an updated pop sound and slightly different lyrics that only real fans will notice. Composed by Britney Spears herself, the OG is a time capsule for us all, but especially for the sisters. “My sister was like, ‘It can’t suck,’” Spears reminisced on making the song in a Nylon interview. “She would help me sing exactly how I want to sing because she knew I could sing, but I was so shy about it for some reason. My sister pulled together this song, and then she came in the studio with me and made sure I felt comfortable. But we never actually released a version of it.” Fans know. They’ve been clobbering together cuts to imagine a full version of the track for something like 12 years since it left Nickelodeon.

Now, the cast of the beloved Emmy-nominated TV show is coming back together for a reunion live stream on October 25 before the premiere of the music video. Sean Flynn, Matthew Underwood, Chris Massey, and Erin Sanders are all set for the event, along with special guests Chantel Jeffries, JoJo Siwa, Loren Gray, Dixie D’Amelio, and more, because TikTok is this generation’s teen drama.

Are You Ready? Jamie Lynn Spears Updated the Zoey 101 Theme.