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This Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4 Trailer Is Giving Us Strong Shining Vibes

Any other year, the thought of renting out an entire hotel would be the height of decadence. Filming in an empty hotel under quarantine, however, gives the new trailer for MTV’s upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation the look of the Overlook Hotel, and that’s even before you see Pauly D driving around in an SUV full of mannequins. “This is nice,” he says, through his quarantine mask. Let’s just say all laundry and no gym make the Jersey Shore cast something something.

According to Deadline, the show’s production company, 495 Productions, created a quarantine bubble during shooting containing crew, cast, and extended family. The only cast member missing is Snooki, who tapped out of the season last December, making us wonder: What did she know, and when did she know it? Just kidding, she probably just didn’t want to be locked inside with drunk maniacs for another month. Joke’s on her, of course. We all ended up locked inside with drunk maniacs for the last six months; they just happened to be ourselves. Jersey Shore Family Vacation season four premieres on MTV Thursday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

New Jersey Shore Vacation Trailer Has Strong Shining Vibes