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John Corbett Basically Pulled a Heist on the Northern Exposure Set

If you just so happen to be looking to open up a museum dedicated to the CBS’s hit television comedy-drama Northern Exposure, well, I have some bad news. John Corbett’s house is basically already that. On Monday night, the actor, wearing the same shirt and bandana he wore on the show, joined castmates Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, Barry Corbin, and Cynthia Geary for a reunion that kicked off our first-ever completely virtual Vulture Festival and where we learned some potentially compromising information. Once the show ended, Corbett enthusiastically raided the set with the blessing of production designer Woody Crocker, so he has just about everything from his radio station setup to a wax sculpture of Barry Corbin’s head.

But it just wasn’t enough for him, apparently. In what can only be described as an elaborate heist, Corbett also confessed to using a rope, his truck, and proximity to a graveyard to make off with a real taxidermy moose head from the show. It’s not something the production had planned to part with at the time, as it was rented and claimed to be worth a very chill $20,000. So, if you’re looking for that moose head you lost in 1995, it’s in John Corbett’s living room. But really, who could stay mad at this man?

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John Corbett Basically Pulled a Heist on Northern Exposure