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John Oliver Wants You to Spare No Thoughts for ‘Totally Complicit’ Melania Trump

While the bulk of John Oliver’s newest Last Week Tonight episode (still in a void and audience-free) was dedicated to the ramifications of the United States leaving the World Health Organization, our bespectacled host was still able to draw parallels to the First Lady and her eternal pout: Mostly that President Trump, in a rare form of action, decided to pull out of WHO at the beginning of the pandemic. (Ugh, that is not what she said.) “Now, that is very bad news. Do spare a thought there for Melania, who must have heard the sentence, We will be today terminating our relationship, and for the briefest of moments felt hope,” Oliver explained. “Except I’m totally kidding, spare no thoughts for her, she’s not a baby, she’s totally complicit, and never forget that she did once say, Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decorations? Which was fully present in her holiday theme, best described as, ‘What if trees got periods and hated you?’” And if you thought menstruating pines were bad, don’t even get Oliver started on the glitter.

John Oliver’s Ire Goes to ‘Totally Complicit’ Melania Trump