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John Oliver on Trump’s Debate Performance: ‘His Best Behavior Is Still Absolutely Appalling’

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Even though the presidential debate season is technically over, John Oliver is offering one last analysis before Daylight Saving ends and deprives us of all of that coveted warmth: Donald Trump, who proclaimed on the debate stage that he’s “the least racist person in this room,” was clearly operating under Opposite Day rules. “Right,” Oliver responded. “That is strange for multiple reasons. First, he’s implying his answer might have changed if the house lights were up. ‘I can’t even see the audience but I’m the least racist person — hold on, is that Tom Hanks? Oh, shit, he is definitely less racist than me, for sure. But I do still think I’m in the top two.’” Oliver, like Jimmy Fallon last week, also noted the biting irony of Trump’s statement, given who else was present at the debate: “When he said he is the least racist person in the room, that room contained, and this is true, his family. So he’s effectively throwing them under the bus there, too. His best behavior is still absolutely appalling.”

Also touching on one of the most viral pop-culture moments of the autumn, Oliver brought up Rudy Giuliani’s questionable cameo in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, in which the Trump adviser puts himself in a compromising position involving a pants tent. (Some say he was masturbating; he says he was tucking in his shirt. Either way, it’s not very nice.) “Even when the bar is so low as to be virtually nonexistent, like, don’t tell your supporters that you hate their stupid city, or don’t say everyone in the audience is more racist than you, or don’t hire a personal attorney who falls for a Borat prank 14 years after the first movie came out,” Oliver concluded, “the unshakable fact is unless you set the bar at ‘nobody caught fire,’ Trump will always find a way to disappoint.” For absolutely no reason, here’s a guide to early voting.

John Oliver on Trump Debate Behavior: ‘Absolutely Appalling’