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Social Distancing Won’t Keep Seth Meyers Safe in ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’

If you thought that Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel were too busy working on The Amber Ruffin Show to continue the great late-night tradition that is “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” you thought wrong. In last night’s installment, Ruffin, Hagel, and Meyers brought the segment back into the Late Night studio, this time while very socially distanced from each other. Topics covered include NASA’s announcement that it will no longer refer to planets and galaxies by offensive nicknames (Ruffin: “Also, the B in ‘black holes’ is now capitalized”), the first-ever out lesbian UCI Downhill Mountain Biking world champ Camille Balanche (Hagel: “A hockey-playing, fencing, mountain-biking lesbian from Switzerland, or as it’s more commonly known, a Swiss Army wife”), and the reportedly “out of control” population of so-called “super-pigs” in the U.S. (Ruffin: “Hey, that’s not nice! Just call ‘em cops”). Despite the social distance between Meyers and these two, he was yet again pressured to join in and deliver not one but two jokes of his own. It ends the way you’re probably expecting it to.

Social Distance Won’t Save Seth in ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’