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Josh Ruben and Janicza Bravo Deserve a Dump Truck Full of Cash

Josh Ruben and Janicza Bravo blessed our Instagram Live show Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well with their two very friendly selves, and their friends Leslye Headland and Jeremy O. Harris even joined in the comments to add to what was nearly a full hour of joyful chaos. They shared their least-favorite on-set habits, their curiosity over why they weren’t cast in Russian Doll (ahem, Leslye!!), and reminisced about this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where their films Scare Me (out today) and Zola (coming soon) first debuted.

But one thing that became clear while watching this is that Josh and Janicza were born to be in high society. As Ruben joked about a “dump truck” full of cash backing up to his house upon the release of his film, it got me thinking, if anyone should have a dump truck of cash, it’s these two. They’re excellent at adopting rich-kid personas, navigating the rules of high society (for instance, you must have at least five people for it to be considered an orgy), and they’ve invented a cool tongue-flick move while speaking that just seems like it should be something hot, rich teens do on TikTok to confuse and intimidate the rest of us. Basically, we think Janicza Bravo and Josh Ruben should form their own Hype House where they do this every week, and they should be paid two dump trucks full of cash for it, please.

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Josh Ruben and Janicza Bravo Deserve a Truck Full of Cash