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Lenny Kravitz on That Big Scarf: ‘It Was Cold’

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Lenny Kravitz, the man, the meme, the legend, still owns that giant knit scarf the internet memed to death in 2012 and you can’t change his mind about it. Paparazzi photos of the Let Love Rule memoirist wearing a blanket-sized brown scarf around his neck while running errands went viral for the sheer size of the winter accessory and then went straight to absurdity. “Okay, the scarf is big, but the internet has made the scarf enormous,” he emphasized in a new interview with GQ. “You look at some of those [images] and it’s just like, ‘Okay guys, the scarf is three times bigger than it really is in this picture, but it was big and it was cold.’”

When it comes down to it, the man has simple needs but extravagant solutions. At the time, he explained that since he lives in the Bahamas most of the time, like right now during quarantine, he’s not used to the cold. Poor thing. It just so happened that the only scarf he owned at the time was more of a rug. “It’s funny to see, especially on Halloween,” he continued. “People either do the Lenny Kravitz look — the onstage look — or they do the scarf. And it’s funny, I saw some pictures yesterday of this little kid who did the whole thing perfectly down to the plastic bag coming from the grocery store.” Move the scarf up to cover your mask and this is a rare safe and warm Halloween costume (to wear in the comfort of your own home).

While he’s not interested in getting DM’d all your re-creations (“I see it online, trust me,”) Kravitz is as chill as a Caribbean breeze when it comes to his viral moments. Even in the moment. When his pants ripped on stage in 2015, he “just kept going.” “I had to obviously go take care of it, but I didn’t even think about it,” he said. “I was just like, ‘All right, whatever. I gotta finish this show.’ You’re onstage singing. You’re doing your thing.” All right, sir, but what is your thing doing onstage?

Lenny Kravitz on That Big Scarf: ‘It Was Cold’