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Lil Wayne Met With Trump Just Like All Of Your Other Favorite Rappers From 2007

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It looks like the Trump Administration is desperately trying to expand the list of ten (10) celebrities that can maybe tolerate Trump and, sadly, rappers who were most popular between the years of 2000 and 2009 keep answering their calls. On Wednesday, October 29, Lil’ Weezy aka Lil Wayne - who’s biggest song “Lollipop” came out on March 13, 2008 - tweeted a photo of himself shaking hands with the President, seemingly endorsing Trump and his “Platinum Plan” to create wealth and prosperity in the Black community over the next four years. “Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. [black hang ten emoji].” Lil Wayne provided no clarity as to how Trump will implement his so-called “Platinum Plan” or what, exactly, he’s done so far with criminal reform, but the two stand next to each other giving thumbs up signs so you know it’s all under control [facepalm emoji].

Weezy F. Baby is the latest in a surprisingly long line of rappers who’ve extended an olive branch to Trump. Kanye West - who’s (arguably) biggest song “Stronger” came out on July 31, 2007 and was memorably covered by Marnie on HBO’s Girls - kicked it all off with that meeting in Trump Tower years ago and well… we’ve seen how that turned out. More recently, Ice Cube - who’s biggest (solo) song “It Was A Good Day” came out in 1992 (!) - revealed that he’s been working with the Trump Administration on the aforementioned “Platinum Plan” and his own “Contract For Black America. Even more recently, 50 Cent - who’s (indisputable) biggest song “In Da Club” came out on January 7, 2003 - endorsed Donald Trump, although in his defense it looks like he may have retracted his endorsement after getting publicly shamed by his ex-Chelsea Handler. So, maybe Lil Wayne’s photo opp is less about him endorsing Trump politically and more about him not wanting to be left out, considering that many of his peers were jumping on the Trump train.

However, not every rapper who’s hey day was a decade ago is jumping on the Trump bandwagon. Lil Jon, who was a contestant on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, want’s nothing to do with his former boss, and made it very clear on Twitter. Marjorie Taylor Greene - a conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia who doesn’t have any hit songs from the early aughts, by the way - tweeted at Lil Jon, “.@LilJon please join @lilpump & @LilTunechi in supporting our great President.” Lil Jon’s reply? “HOW ABOUT FUCKKKK NOOOOOO.” So, rest assured that at least one rapper from yesteryear has some sense in him. However, in Lil Jon’s defense, his biggest hit is “Turn Down For What” which came out on December 18, 2013 - so, it’s not really fair to lump him in with Lil Wayne early aughts crew: he’s a little more relevant than them.

Your Favorite Rappers From 2007 Keep Meeting With Trump