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Even Lindsey Buckingham Can’t Resist Making His Own Ocean Spray ‘Dreams’ TikTok

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

First came Nathan, drinking Ocean Spray and vibing on his longboard. Then came Mick, taking a sip of Ocean Spray in the rain. Then came Stevie, lacing up her roller skates with the Ocean Spray bottle delicately perched in the background. And now, here comes Lindsey, drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice atop a majestic steed. Yes, Lindsey Buckingham has put his own spin on the mega viral craze started by TikToker Nathan Apocada that simply entails drinking cranberry juice while listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham took to Twitter to share his version of the trend which features a tight shot of the legendary guitarist taking a sip of - you guessed it - Ocean Spray cran-raspberry juice before widening to reveal him riding a beautiful brown horse and that’s just trotting along. “Made this with my girls this weekend,” tweeted Buckingham when sharing the TikTok video, which marks Buckingham’s first public appearance since undergoing heart surgery in 2019 that damaged his vocal cords. Buckingham seems to be doing alright looking calm, cool, and collected on his horse, sipping on a refreshing bottle of cranberry juice. Check out Buckingham’s video below and place your bet on who will be the next former Fleetwood Mac member to crack open a bottle of Ocean Spray.

Lindsey Buckingham Makes His Own ‘Dreams’ Ocean Spray Video