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Lana Del Rey Says She’s Ready to Leave L.A. in New Song ‘Let Me Love You Like a Woman’

Lizzy Grant. Photo: Lana Del Rey/YouTube

To whom it may concern: Perennial underdog Lana Del Rey is ready to leave L.A. and wants you to join her. At least that’s what she says in her new single “Let Me Love You Like a Woman,” which dropped at midnight on Friday, October 16. In the first-person ballad, Del Rey sings about all the things she wants you to let her do, which include but are not limited to letting her love you like a woman (per the title), letting her shine like a diamond (Rihanna vibes), and letting her hold you like a baby (infantilism for the win). She also mentions “coming from a small town” and, as such, “is ready to leave L.A. and wants you to come,” naturally. We’re not surprised that Lana Del Rey, whose summer was marked by a public breakup with a cop and controversial comments regarding female artists of color, could use a change of pace. Perhaps 80 miles north or south of L.A. will do her some good. Just make sure to bring a medical-grade mask wherever you go.

Lana Del Rey Drops New Single ‘Let Me Love You Like a Woman’