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Mad Men Is Streaming Again!

Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC

Don Draper is back on AMC — or, to be more precise, AMC+. After leaving Netflix earlier this summer, all seven seasons of the modern classic are once again streaming without commercials on AMC’s recently supersized streaming service, starting today, October 1. It’s the result of a deal announced last summer between AMC, Amazon’s IMDb TV, and producer Lionsgate under which Mad Men streams with ads on the Amazon service and ad-free on the AMC platform. To mark the return of the Sterling Cooper gang — and tout AMC+ — AMC Networks enlisted the help of a very appropriate pitchman: Draper himself.

In a new promo debuting first on Vulture, AMC and marketing agency Known use the iconic pitch meeting scene from “The Carousel” episode of Mad Men to have Draper (Jon Hamm) tout the virtues of AMC+. The ad juxtaposes Draper’s impassioned speech about the power of the Kodak slide projector with scenes from various AMC+ programming, including Mad Men (very meta.) Beyond selling AMC’s ad-free streaming return, the promo is designed as a formal launch of AMC+ on two very big new platforms: Apple TV Channels and Amazon’s Prime Video Channels programs. It’s the first time consumers without cable or a virtual cable/internet bundle can access the service, which had previously been available through cable and satellite companies, as well as virtual cable service Sling TV.

While AMC+ won’t be cheap — the retail price of the service is $8.99 per month — it will offer a lot more than just ad-free AMC shows. Subscriptions will also include both the on-demand libraries and live feeds of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV, as well as all the content from AMC Networks stand-alone streamers Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited, and Sundance Now. But enough of us talking. Let Don try to sell you in the promo below:

Mad Men Is Streaming Again!