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Maluma Sang for a Living, Breathing Crowd at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Who among us wouldn’t risk it all for Maluma, baby? The reggaeton star was one of several performers at the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards Wednesday night who got to perform for a real (limited) crowd, not a virtual one. As he sings the lovesick hit “Hawái,” first while angelically laying on a white grand piano, then backed up by masked dancers, the camera cuts to shots of the crowd. They’re masked up and respectfully refraining from screaming or singing those particles into the air during the performance, simply clapping and swaying around in their non-socially distanced seats. Imagine sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with someone right now … it’s almost too much to fathom. The BLMAs took place in Florida (bodes well) and was produced by Telemundo, which has restarted production on several programs. Maluma gives us a vision of what summer 2020 could’ve been and what summer 2021 could still be like if we act now: Florida vacations, energetic crowds, and being serenaded by your favorite artists. Or we can just do the virtual thing again. That’s fun and hasn’t gotten old!!!!

Maluma Sang for a Real, Live Crowd at the Latin Billboards