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The Mandalorian Season 2 Special Look Seeks More Mandalorians, But We Only Have Eyes for Baby Yoda

Hey, we can all agree, it would be great to have more Mandalorians on The Mandalorian. Pedro Pascal’s titular bounty hunter even muses as much in the special look at the Disney+ series’ upcoming second season that aired tonight during Monday Night Football. “I’ve been requested to bring this one back to his kind,” he explains. “If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can guide me.”

We can only hope and pray this refers to Temuera Morrison’s reported appearance in the season as the one-and-only Boba Fett, but in the meantime, he’ll have to be satisfied with the help of Carl Weathers’s Greef Karga and Gina Carano’s Cara Dune, who immediately prove extremely useful in keeping Baby Yoda safe on his journey to (eventually) find his own kind. Even more helpful? That sweet, sweet jet pack. The Mandalorian season two debuts on Disney+ Friday, October 30.

The Mandalorian Special Look Seeks Even More Mandalorians