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FKA Twigs ‘Just Decided One Day’ to Make a Whole Album in Quarantine

FKA Twigs wearing Oscar de la Grouch Photo: Getty Images

Many of us are still in the process of recovering from FKA Twigs’s collaboration this summer with 645AR, who sounds like if Isabelle from Animal Crossing launched a rap career. But Twigs is maybe the most productive person in the pandemic, and she totally casually just happened to record an entire new album in quarantine, no biggie. In an interview with Scott Goldman for the Grammy Museum’s Programs at Home series, Twigs reveals that she “ended up, in fact, making a whole album in quarantine. I just decided one day. It was kind of, maybe one-third of the way through and I just said, ‘you know what, I’m just going to make an album,’ and I just went and did it.” As you do, if you’re FKA Twigs. Twigs elaborates that she “worked predominantly with an amazing artist and producer called El Guincho, and I did the whole thing with pretty much all of the collaborators over FaceTime.”

Twigs describes her process, saying that in the early days when she couldn’t go into the studio, she’d source mp3s of beats and write melodies over the course of the day, “and in the night I would call some of my friends in America that make music and I would just sit and have a glass of wine and chill and write lyrics, and talk about what the song’s about on FaceTime with friends in another country.” Pitchfork points out that Twigs doesn’t mention a release date or a name for the record. We’re just amazed that Twigs worked all day and all night on something creative and collaborative in quarantine while ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson made Piccolini Cuscino and got Covid.

Oh, and she’s teaching herself piano. Because she can.

FKA Twigs Made a Whole Album in Quarantine over FaceTime