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Nicole Kidman, Oscar Winner, Says She ‘Wasn’t Talented Enough’ for Notting Hill

Photo: Vulture

Nicole Kidman is just a girl, standing in front of Hugh Grant, telling him that she nearly starred in that silly rom-com of his where he dabbles in the concept of “love heroin.” Prior to the duo’s zigzagging in the Paddington villain universe and starring together in HBO’s new wig drama The Undoing, Kidman told Grant in a new Marie Claire interview that she was quite keen on a role that went to someone Kathleen Turner most likely dissed on this very website. “I really wanted the role that Julia Roberts played in Notting Hill,” she explained. “Yeah, I did. But I wasn’t well-known enough and I wasn’t talented enough.” Kidman also recalled that she was “gonna do a small role” in Love Actually “at one point,” but the opportunity fell through for whatever reason. (She couldn’t remember the character, so we’ll just guess … a gender-flipped rendering of Rowan Atkinson’s extremely slow salesman?) We hope that her Oscar, two Emmys, and five Golden Globes can console her two decades later.

Nicole Kidman Says She ‘Wasn’t Talented’ for Notting Hill