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Nicole Kidman Did in Fact Dream a Little Dream of Singing Over The Undoing Credits

Dream a little dream of wig. Photo: Niko Tavernise/HBO

Just like Emily when she first arrives in Paris, Nicole Kidman is feeling just a little bit like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! at the moment. She’s singing and dancing in Netflix’s The Prom, and while she spends most of HBO’s The Undoing wearing fancy coats and spiraling into existential dread, she’s slipped in a little musical surprise there. Listen closely to the rendition of “Dream a Little Dream of Me” that plays over the opening credits. Do you notice a certain familiar languid quality? The whispered S sounds of a certain Australian doing an American accent? That is Nicole Kidman herself singing. The actress confirmed as much in an interview on Zoë Bell’s BBC Radio 2 show (about two hours and 20 minutes into the broadcast). “We were in lockdown. We were in Tennessee, in Nashville, and the director [Susanne Bier] sent me a text going, ‘Would you sing the title track, ‘Dream a Little Dream,’ to the series?’” Kidman said. “I was like, ‘What? No, I so don’t want to do that. My voice is not good,’ which is always my reaction, and she said, ‘No, no, I think you can sing it.’”

Nevertheless, with a little help from her husband, Keith Urban, who luckily does have a recording studio at home and is a fan of prodding Nicole to sing, she went ahead and recorded the song. “We laid it down and sent it in, and they mixed it so it ended up in the series,” she said. “I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.” Okay, but when can we get her and her co-star Hugh Grant, who also knows a thing or two about singing over a credit sequence, to duet? Preferably while singing about Paddington, of course.

Nicole Kidman Does in Fact Sing Over The Undoing Credits