Showtime Cancels On Becoming a God in Central Florida Season Two Due to COVID

Photo: Patti Perret/Sony/SHOWTIME

Raise a Miller High Life to On Becoming a God in Central Florida, the latest television casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Showtime will no longer pursue a second season of the Kirsten Dunst–helmed dark comedy, according to Deadline, meaning the stinker-thinkers were, indeed, correct. The show followed Dunst as down-on-her-luck Krystal Stubbs, who attempts to outsmart and climb the ranks of a pyramid scheme. “Last year, Showtime renewed On Becoming a God in Central Florida but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to move forward with production on the new season,” Showtime told Deadline in a statement. “The pandemic has continued to challenge schedules across the board, and although we have made every effort to reunite the cast and crew for a second season, that has become untenable. It is with great regret that we are acknowledging On Becoming a God will not return.” That means we won’t get to see how Krystal uses her newfound power in FAM, whether Bets and Ernie have a future, or what other surreal musical sequences this series had up its sleeve. What a fitting end to a show about how the big corporations don’t care about us everyday people, right? So let’s toast our cheap beers to seeing Kirsten Dunst on our TV screens again soon, along with that Emmy nomination that Beth Ditto totally deserved.

Showtime Cancels On Becoming a God in Central Florida