Paramount Hopes Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Will Take You to The Lost City of D

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Just like we’ll never grow tired of Keanu Reeves seeking revenge against his enemies, we’ll never grow weary of Sandra Bullock realizing that she actually does want true love, which has been waiting for her the whole time. And while we still don’t have the Keanu-Sandra rom-com we want right now, Paramount Pictures is reportedly working on getting Bullock back on the big screen with one of her other iconic rom-com co-stars, Ryan Reynolds.

According to Variety, Bullock is producing and starring in The Lost City of D, which features her as a “romance author who discovers that a fictional city she had written about is real, prompting her to embark on a risky journey to find the city” and (we’re just spitballing here) love. Paramount is reportedly hoping to land Reynolds as Bullock’s onscreen paramour, having established their cinematic chemistry in 2009’s The Proposal, but there is reportedly “no deal in place” for Reynolds as of yet.

And, hey, if the Deadpool star isn’t able to make an appearance, there’s always that other 2009 Sandra Bullock romantic-comedy they could reboot. That’s right, it’s All About Steve, co-starring Bradley Cooper. The time to right that rom-com wrong … is now.

Let Sandra Bullock Escort You to The Lost City of D