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Pete Davidson Stops by SNL to Say J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Stance Ruined His Harry Potter Tattoo

While you might have assumed the simple passage of time would ruin your Harry Potter tattoos, author J.K. Rowling’s recent, vociferous anti-trans commentary probably sped up the process. At least it did for Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who stopped by Weekend Update Saturday to weigh in on how Rowling’s “very disappointing” beliefs about being transgender — which she has compared to “a new kind of conversion therapy for young gay people” — have spoiled his Potter-related ink.

“I got a Harry Potter tattoo years ago, because I’m not psychic. I didn’t know J.K. Rowling was gonna go all Mel Gibson on us,” said Davidson. “I have a Game of Thrones tattoo. Now, I’m terrified one day George R.R. Martin is just gonna be like, ‘Hey, if you enjoy what I had to say about dragons and direwolves, wait until you hear what I think about Puerto Ricans!’”

Mused the late-night cast member, “I long for a few years ago, when the worst thing she ever did were those Fantastic Beasts movies. You know? No discrimination there. Those films harmed us all equally.” Explains Davidson, “I mean, what’s wrong with her? She creates a seven-book fantasy series, about all types of mythical creatures living in harmony with wizards and elves, and the one thing she can’t wrap her head around is Laverne Cox? She’s a national treasure!”

However, if you feel bad that Pete Davidson’s favorite childhood books have effectively been ruined, don’t worry. “I never read any of the books,” he concludes. “And I saw part of [Harry Potter and the Prisoner of] Azkaban on a plane once.”

Pete Davidson Says J.K. Rowling Ruined His Harry Potter Ink