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Rachel Brosnahan Thoughtfully Explains the Kind of Dog Each of Her Characters Would Be

We at Vulture want to make sure you, our readers, have absolutely everything you need in the coming days, soul-wise. That’s why we invited Rachel Brosnahan and her two dogs — Nikki and Winston — to come by and talk to us about, well, dogs! After getting to know more about Brosnahan’s very good boy and girl, we asked her about some of her most memorable characters. Specifically, we asked her what kind of dog they’d be. Apparently, even after all she has been through, Midge Maisel is still a gorgeously fancy toy poodle, while Rachel from House of Cards has a decidedly less posh lineage. And yes, don’t worry, we did ask about the golden-arm lady from that Quibi show, too.

You can rewatch the entire event at before the festival ends on November 1. It’s a great way to de-traumatize yourself if you accidentally watched a movie that was too scary.

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Rachel Brosnahan Thoughtfully Assigns Dogs to Her Characters