Ryan Murphy’s New Netflix Limited Series to Examine the Police Culture That Enabled Jeffrey Dahmer

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Ryan Murphy has already wheeled you through the halls of Nurse Ratched’s inner workings. Now, in his new series, the American Horror Story creator is escorting you somewhere even more terrifying: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Milwaukee apartment. According to Variety, Murphy and producer Ian Brennan will be bringing Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story to Netflix in the form of a ten-episode limited series.

Unlike previous works about the serial killer, like Dahmer and My Friend Dahmer, Monster will focus less on the titular cannibal, rapist and murderer himself, and more on the “police incompetence and apathy” that enabled Dahmer to pray on mostly young men and boys of color for over a decade.

Told from the perspective of his victims, the show will depict “least 10 instances where Dahmer was let go after being apprehended,” huge failures by law enforcement the show will explore through the lens of white privilege, racism, and homophobia. In 1992, Dahmer was sentenced to 15 life sentences for fifteen murders, with a separate life sentence added for another murder later that same year.

Richard Jenkins is reportedly set to co-star as Dahmer’s father Lionel, Carl Franklin will co-direct, and Janet Mock will write and co-direct the show, with production, at least as of right now, scheduled to begin in January.

Ryan Murphy’s New Limited Series to Examine Jeffrey Dahmer