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There Will Be a Full Frontal After the Election Even If There’s Lava

Yes, we are just a few more days out from what may be the most important presidential election of our lives (again.) And while you think you might be stressed about it, at least you don’t host a late night comedy show that specializes in political humor. Samantha Bee is not so lucky, and she sat down with Rebecca Traister at Vulture Festival’s first ever all-virtual iteration to talk about what this has meant for her TBS show. “What we’re doing right now is trying to build a show for the day after the election,” Bee said. “Obviously we don’t know what the future holds, but now we’re just sort of like, well, I guess it could be anything. Like I don’t know I guess it could just rain lava on us, and we’ll have to make a show in that.” Bee went on to admit there are probably some post-election scenarios where the show should only be about 6 minutes long. “And like, who’s gonna film it? Cos there could be someone on the floor. Like am I gonna be on the floor? We could all be crying. I dunno! What is comedy? Anyway we have to make a show because we sold the commercial space.” If that quote doesn’t encompass just about everything you’re feeling right now, congratulations?

Re-watch the event in full at before the festival ends on November 1 and we hurtle forward into a future that could very well be full of lava.

Full Frontal Is Prepping for Lava After the Election