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Shawn Mendes Embarks On a New Era With Single ‘Wonder’

Can’t help but wonder what the budget was for Shawn Mendes’s latest music video, “Wonder.” Dressed only in a skintight tank top and slacks, Mendes cinematically escapes from a packed train car on a mountainside to a thick forest that makes him feel like dancing before finding a steep cliff, where it pours down rain for just the right amount of time. He’s come a long way since Vine. “Wonder” is the title track on his newly announced album, out December 4. “I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you?” he belts over and over into the downpour. In classic Shawn Mendes fashion, the song is all about pining for that special someone. For him, that still happens to be former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello. Don’t let the recent breakup rumors fool you. Just because they didn’t spend all summer doing PDA in several major port cities doesn’t mean they broke up. Now, they just have an album to promote. Cabello wrote an effusive note on Instagram upon the release of the “Wonder” trailer September 30. “He’s crafted this album with every last bit of his soul, his spirit, and his essence with the purest of intentions,” she captioned a post. “My love, I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so excited for people to see and hear your heart.” Before “Señorita gets stuck in your head, listen to “Wonder” above.

Shawn Mendes Embarks On a New Era with Single ‘Wonder’