Maya Rudolph ‘Didn’t Expect’ You All to Love Sweater Weather So Much

Maya Rudolph and writer Emily Spivey are a very good comedy team, and if you need any proof, look no further than this video from last night’s Watch What Happens Live. In the clip, Andy Cohen asks the Saturday Night Live alums about their favorite sketch to work on together, and they respond with two answers instead of one. First up are the Oprah sketches they worked on together — particularly their take on the infamous “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode. “My favorite thing that Oprah said to both me and Maya was, ‘Thank you for not putting me in a fat suit.’ ‘Cause Maya looked great, Oprah looked great, and she was like, ‘I think it’s the first time I’ve ever not been portrayed in a fat suit,” Spivey said. “Yeah! Because the joke was not a man pretending to be Oprah, which is what had preceded this,” Rudolph added. “This was a loving portrayal of the hilarity that ensued.”

Then there’s, of course, “Bronx Beat,” which Rudolph said was based on Spivey, Amy Poehler, and Rudolph sitting in Spivey’s office goofing around and impersonating SNL’s hairstylist, Jodi. “It was the loosest we ever were, and it came out of years of being at that show, years of being friends, years of loving each other and finishing each other’s sentences,” Rudolph said. “So I didn’t expect that one to be what it became — I didn’t expect to literally get handed, the other day, hand sanitizer called Sweater Weather.”

Seems like a good excuse to watch one of the best editions of “Bronx Beat” again:

Maya Rudolph ‘Didn’t Expect’ You All to Love Sweater Weather